OTSUMA TAMA Junior and Senior High School


クラブ活動-ESS同好会 “English Hour”


クラブ活動-ESS同好会 “English Hour”

ESS  “English Hour”


 On November 17, we had a big event for the ESS members of junior high school. It is called “English Hour”. The ESS club members appear on the stage every year. This year, we performed “The Little Red Riding Hood.” We had been practicing this play since July. We could prepare the stage properties and sounds by all of us cooperatively. Also, the senior members and teachers helped us a lot, so we could make a play with higher quality than last year. This play could make the audience smile, so we felt a great success. The members could enjoy this event so much, too! “English Hour” was a very good time for everyone!!

 ▼ 英語劇「赤ずきんちゃん」の様子