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【留学便り】ニュージーランド留学レポート from 山口さん


【留学便り】ニュージーランド留学レポート from 山口さん

ごきげんよう。ニュージーランドにきて1ヶ月が過ぎ、70日の留学も折り返し地点を迎えました。今回はニュージーランドでの生活について、そして私の通っているHamilton Girl’s High Schoolでの生活について報告したいと思います。

Kia Ora! How are you? A month has passed since I came to New Zealand, and our studying abroad for 70days has entered the latter half. In this report I would like to write about my life in New Zealand and Hamilton Girl’s High School that I’m attending.



The people of New Zealand often spend holidays at home. So there are not many people somewhere on holiday like in Japan. My host mother took me to the beach when I stayed in Auckland. Many people eat dinner at the beach because the sun sets around 8 p.m. this season in New Zealand.


New Zealanders often use a car. They need a car when they go to the supermarket because they buy lots of thing once a week. New Zealand imports a lot of cars from Japan, so we can see a lot of cars while driving in a car. We can drive a car from the age of 16 in New Zealand, so some student come to school by car. But they can’t drive with other people on the car until they are 18 years old.


I go to Hamilton Girl’s High School in Hamilton. I go to school by bus every day. The bus of New Zealand doesn’t display bus stops like in Japan, so I was lost once. And many people from various countries live in New Zealand, so our school has students from various countries. Our school has 5 periods of 60-minute classes, and we don’t have break time between classes. However, on Thursdays, we eat lunch after period 3 and then take period 5 class, so we can return home one hour earlier. Our school is very big, so it was very hard for me to move from classroom to classroom during the first week.


I take mathematics, economics, drama, hospitality, and ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes. I’m a year 12 student, but I study with year 11 in classes other than math and ESOL. because it is difficult for me to study with year 12. Math is very easy for me compared with that in Japan, but it was very difficult to understand it in English. I like Drama class the best. In the drama class, we see a picture and make drama that is associated to it, and we read messages from one story and make a drama based on it. It is very exciting. But of course, classes are all in English, so it is very hard to understand and communicate.


私たちの学校では2月20日にアスレチックデイがありました。日本でいう体育祭のようものです。競技は全てハウスと呼ばれるチームごとで行います。私たちの学校にはWILSON, EDGECUMBE,CAMPBELL,HEADS,MACDIARMIDという5つのハウスがあり全員が必ずどこかのハウスに入っています。そしてアスレチックデイでは自分のハウスの色の服を着てきます。私はEDGECUMBEというハウス所属していてハウスの色が青なので青い服を着て行きました。中にはサメの着ぐるみを着ている生徒やスーパーマンの格好をしている先生もいました。競技は個人競技と団体競技があり、個人競技には事前に申し込んだ人が行い団体競技には参加したい生徒が参加して行います。競技中にチャントと呼ばれるチームごとの歌を歌ったりしてとても盛り上がっていました。日本とは全く違いとても驚きましたが日本でもこのようなイベントがあったら楽しいのだろうなと思いました。

At our school, Athletic Day was held on Feb 20th. It is similar to Sports Festival in Japan. All competitions are done between teams called House. Our school has five houses, WILSON, EDGECUMBE, CAMPBELL, HEADS, MACDIARMID, and all students belong to one of the houses. During athletic day, we wear clothes of house color. I belong to EDGECUMBE and our house color is blue, so I wore blue clothes. There was a student who wore a shark’s costume, and a teacher who wore superman’s costume. We had individual and group competition. We sang a song called chant, and it was very exciting. It was very different from Japan, so I was very surprised. I thought it would be fun if we have festival like that in Japan,


I experienced a lot of painful things since I came to New Zealand, but teachers and friends encouraged me and I was saved by kindness of New Zealand’s people. I will do my best to grow even a little, and I would like to have fun!! Thank you for reading my report.