OTSUMA TAMA Junior and Senior High School


ターム留学出発前メッセージ① イギリス【2019年度】


ターム留学出発前メッセージ① イギリス【2019年度】

高校1年生(32期生) ターム留学出発前メッセージ① イギリス




Hello!  I’m going to go to Westonbirt School in the UK to study for three months from January.

I’m interested in the way to relieve female’s poor mental and physical condition.  I heard the people in the UK adopt naturopathy, so I will learn about that, and compare it with the remedies used in Japan and try to find a better way.

Also, through this study abroad program, I would like to be a person who is brave and confident.  So, I will speak at each class at least three times and talk to a lot of people.

I’m really looking forward to going there and my school life in a dormitory!




Hello! I’m going to go to Westonbirt school in the UK to study for three months.  I’d like to learn the British manners, because I heard they are strict.  For example, you mustn’t touch the plates with your mouth when you eat.  I’d like to find a lot of different manners between Japan and the UK.  The school I am going to is a boarding school. I have many chances to talk to other students.  I’ll talk to students actively.  I’m looking forward to meeting my host family, and I’m so excited about my school life as in the world of Harry Potter!