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イギリス 留学レポート from 市口さん【2019年度】


イギリス 留学レポート from 市口さん【2019年度】

高校1年生(32期生)  イギリス留学

Westonbirt Schoolにて




Hi! I’m Ichiguchi. I go to Westonbirt school in the UK now. My host family has two dogs and three cats!

I’m glad my host mother is a cheer leading coach, and two older host sisters can ballet, dance and trampoline.

Unfortunately, I can stay with my host family only about two weeks, but I want to enjoy my time with them. I feel my host family is a real family in the UK. I love my host family very much.






This school has a lot of international students, so they tend to gather by their first language. It was so hard to get into those groups at first. Fortunately, I can make many friends because I live in the board and I have many chances to communicate with various students. They are really kind.

The number of students in one class in Japan is one grade in this school, so I could make friends in other grades. There are only 6 people in the Computer Science class I chose.

Meal is served in a buffet style and really delicious. In addition, there are Break and Tea time. We can eat cakes and toasts and drink hot chocolate during these times. After school, there is a study time called Prep. We watch animation and play games while eating many snacks after the Prep. I’m pretty happy! Recently, I go to the gym to do training with my friends.

We can go to school-planned shopping trips on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. It’s really fun and exciting because we can’t go out on weekdays.




I joined the fencing, horse riding and, international book club. The international book club is a club where international students gather and read aloud a book while drinking hot chocolate. I’m going to take part in the fencing competition in February.

I will keep working hard to make the life here in the U.K. meaningful!