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ターム留学出発前メッセージ④ オーストラリア【2019年度】


ターム留学出発前メッセージ④ オーストラリア【2019年度】

高校1年生(32期生) ターム留学出発前メッセージ④ オーストラリア

Brigidine College


Hello! I will study in Australia during the third term.  The main perspective of my life in Australia is to expand my values, which is peculiar mostly to Japan.  I expect that learning the native Australian culture and language is effective in broadening my mind.  To achieve this goal, positive and active communication and discussion are crucial.  I believe these challenges and experiences will certainly improve myself.

Also, because I really like wombats, I’ll definitely see them there.






Hello!  I’m going to stay in Australia and attend Brigidine College for about 2 months.   Actually, I went there in the global career field work last summer.  I found there were no plastic bags at major supermarkets.  I was amazed with their high consciousness of the environment.  I think it is also related to the fact that there is not much water there.

 That’s why I would like to know about their ways of thinking toward the environmental problems during this stay.

Also, I’m interested in each country’s accents or slangs. I hope I can come into contact with them in Australia.

I will learn a lot under the clear sky!