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ニュージーランド 留学レポート from 伊藤さん【2019年度】


ニュージーランド 留学レポート from 伊藤さん【2019年度】

高校1年生(32期生)  ニュージーランド留学

Whangarei Girl’s High Schoolにて


Hi, everyone. I’m Ito. I am studying on a homestay in New Zealand. One month is going to pass after I arrived in NZ. It is very hard to live using English, but I am enjoying myself.



I had an English advance training in Auckland for a week. My teacher taught me some words that I should know on living in NZ. I appreciate it because they are useful during my homestay.



It was very kind of my host family in Auckland to take me to many places every day. I really like the hill where I could see the whole view of Auckland. The blending of green trees and the ocean was very beautiful. I am thankful to my host family. This is a picture I took from the top of the hill.


After the English advance training in Auckland, the new life in Whangarei started. I live with a host mother and a host sister. My host mother is a teacher, so she tells me many interesting things. My host sister has a lot of hobbies that are the same as mine. I like talking with her about our favorite films, animals, and music. My host family treasures animals and plants, so I can learn about their environmental conservation. I will practice it in Japan.


私は今、Whangarei Girls’ High Schoolという学校に通っています。私の学年では6つの教科を自由に選択できます。私は自分が楽しめて、なおかつ友達も作れる授業を取ろうということで、sciencehospitality(包丁などの基礎的な使い方などを学びながら料理を作ります)ESL(英語が第2言語の生徒のための授業)Classical Studies(昔の文化や生活についての授業)Environmental Science(環境についての授業)Mathematicsを選択しました。どの授業も英語なので理解するには難しいこともありますが、現地の友達や隣に座った人に聞くことができるので苦ではなく、毎日授業を楽しんでいます。

I study at Whangarei Girls’ High School. I chose science, hospitality, ESL, Classical Studies, Environmental Science, and Mathematics as my class selections. All teachers speak English, so it is sometimes difficult for me to understand the classes. But I enjoy my classes because I can ask my friends living in NZ or students who sit down next to me some questions.



I will never forget appreciation to my parents, my friends who support me in Japan, and my host family. I will do my best and enjoy the one month left.