OTSUMA TAMA Junior and Senior High School


ターム留学出発前メッセージ② ドイツ【2019年度】


ターム留学出発前メッセージ② ドイツ【2019年度】

高校1年生(32期生) ターム留学出発前メッセージ② ドイツ


I’m going to study abroad in Germany for about 40 days.

I’d like to research the differences of the economic situations and the security between Germany and Japan because I’m interested in those of Japan.  And I like art, so I’d like to look at art works that can only be seen there.  I’m a little worried now, but I will do my best to be active.  I would like to gain self-confidence through studying in Germany.



Hello! I’m going to study abroad in Germany.

I would like to research the environmental problems when I go to Germany.  I researched plastic pollution in class.  The plastic recycling rate is high in Europe, and it is close to 50% in Germany.  This fact is especially impressive to me.  I heard that German environmental initiatives are active.  And when my buddy Violeta came to Japan, I asked her about the plastic problem in Germany.  I was surprised when she said, “The problem of marine plastic is not a big problem, because there is not much sea in Germany.”  So, I want to do a research on German ways of recycling and how much plastic is used there.

I want to be able to say some jokes in English.  I felt that my English speaking skill is not good enough to express my thoughts when I accepted overseas students.  I think it’s great if I could get used to speaking in English and could say many jokes.  I'll keep it in mind to talk with many people to improve my speaking skills.





Hello.  I’m going to study in Germany from January 6th to February 16th .

I’m interested in the way to solve environmental issues.  I heard Germany is actively working on it, so I want to see the efforts at school and in the downtown.  Also, I want to learn German as much as possible.  I think I will be able to get new vocabulary by talking to German people, so I will try to talk to them.  Then, I will share two different cultures.  To have a fruitful life while studying in Germany, I will try my best.