【留学便り】ニュージーランド留学レポート from 鬼塚さん


We are international students in New Zealand for 9 weeks. For the first week I attended Edmonton Primary School. We learned about the history of New Zealand and culture of Maori.


ファミリーと過ごす最後の日にはビーチに連れて行ってもらいました。ホストシスターが、私が水着を持ってきていたのを見て、ホストマザーに連れて行ってあげて、と言ってくれたみたいです! そのサプライズと優しさに感動しました。(><)
一番の思い出は、一緒に歌ったことです! 私もファミリーも音楽が大好きだったので、いつも一緒に歌っていました。一緒に歌っている時、音楽の力を感じました。たった一週間でしたが、お別れの時には涙が止まらないくらい、素敵な思い出が沢山できました。

The first host family was from Malaysia and they have two daughters. They were very kind to me. This is a picture of a farm that my host mother took me to. We fed horses, sheep, chickens, goats, and alpacas. After that, we went to a church of my host family. Before going there, I thought that church is a very quiet place, but that church was a very funny place. It had a theatre and many people were singing together at that theatre.
On my last day, they took me to a beach called Mission Bay. When my host sister found my swimming wear, she said to her Mother, "She wants to go to the beach." I was impressed by her kindness and the surprise.
The best memory was singing with my host family! They liked music as well, so we were always singing. When we were singing together, I felt the power of music.
This homestay was only for 1 week, but I could make happy memories with my host family!


On 26 January, I said goodbye to my first host family. After that, I met a new host mother. She took me to a shopping mall and we went window shopping. It was a very fun day and I couldn’t believe that I had spent only 1 day with her!
This is a picture of a chocolate brownie and carrot cake I baked with my host mother. My host mother and host grandmother are very good at cooking, so the dinner is very nice! I’m looking forward to having dinner every day! I help cook dinner every day and I am taught cooking from them.


私が通っているマリストカレッジは、ハリーポッターの寮のように4つのハウスに分かれていて、私と小平さんはCOLINというハウスに入りました。その中にWHANAUというホームルームクラスがあり、year 7からyear 13までの30人くらいの生徒で構成されています。私は、LRRというグループに入りました。毎朝集まって、お祈りをして、先生が一日の予定を教えてくれます。LRRの先生は、私のホストシスターがマリストに通っていたころのシスターの先生で、去年の一月には、タイでボランティア活動をしている彼女を訪ねに行ったそうです。

Marist College started on the 1st of February. A friend of my host mother lent me the school uniforms that used to be worn by her daughter who no longer attends Marist College. I was lucky because I didn’t have to buy my uniforms.
Marist College has 4 houses likes Harry Potter. Tamaki and I belong to COLIN house, whose color is green. There are homeroom classes called WHANAU, which has about 30 students from year 7 to year 13 each. My WHANAU is LRR and we meet every morning starting with a prayer then information on events for the day.
This school is located close to the city and it’s smaller in size and number of students than Otsuma Tama. When I met a student whom I saw in a corridor in class, it become a trigger for conversation, and we could be friends.
Most students are positively engaged in class, so the atmosphere is very good. Also, everyone is kind. When I don’t understand what a teacher is talking about, they try to make me understand.
International students each have a buddy, and my buddy helps me get to my next classroom and helps me with my schedule for the day. My buddy is very kind and has a cheerful personality. I was worried about making friends, but she introduced me to her friends, so I could make new friends on the first day!
I decided that I’ll make new friends by myself, so I talked to a friend, “Can I eat lunch with you?” when the class ended. She said, “Yes!” with a smile! I was very happy.

On Waitangi Day, my host family took me to their holiday house. The sea was clear and beautiful blue, and the beach was very nice. At night, I could see very beautiful stars. I loved that place! I helped painting and rode a kayak. I experienced a lot of wonderful things that I can’t experience in Japan.

Many people said to me, “You are very polite.” It made me happy as a study abroad student.
Now, I can do everything positively.
The remaining period as well, I’ll experience a lot and have a lot of fun!
I’ll do my best :) Thank you.