【留学便り】ニュージーランド留学レポート from 小平さん


Kia ora!
Three weeks have passed since I arrived at New Zealand. Little by little, I became used to the different environment. I will introduce interesting culture and machines in New Zealand and Marist College now. Marist College is my school.



First, most New Zealand people don’t take off their own shoes in their own home; in addition, they sometimes go shopping barefoot. I have never seen it in Japan, so I felt this action a little uncomfortable. But I could feel the cultural gap. I thought If I was walking barefoot every day, my foot skin would be stronger. Second, New Zealand’s electricity is very expensive. After I put a plug in an outlet, I need to switch it on. It’s a little troublesome. Then they don’t use the shower everyday and use the shower from only 5 to 10 minutes. At first, I was surprised. I became to take a shower very fast now.
I want to find more cultural gap.




I found a lot of machines which you can’t see in Japan.
The first machine can measure a car’s speed. It is on the side of the road. If the driver is over the speed, people can notice soon, so they will drive very carefully. I think this machine is important for elderly people.
The second machine can peel a pineapple in 10 seconds.it is in the supermarket. It is very fast and interesting. Most Japanese people may think it is not necessary. But I think it is a good thing to have a machine with a playful spirit.
The last machine can increase working efficiency. It was in McDonald’s. We can use it to order menus and pay. We can choose favorite ingredients and pull out allergy food. After we ordered menus, the contents of menu are sent to the kitchen. Then clerks make it. So, we can reduce personnel expenses. It is very useful. I thought we should adopt this machine in Japan.


私はニュージーランドのオークランドにある、マリストカレッジという学校に通っています。1学期は2月1日から始まりました。私の学校はハリーポッターのように4つのグループに分かれていて、それをハウスと呼びます。それらのハウスの名前はChampagnat, Canel, Chavoin, Colinです。私のハウスはColinでハウスカラーは緑です。そして、私たちはハウスの中で複数のグループに分かれています。それらのグループをWhanau group と呼びます。Whanauとはマオリ語で家族という意味です。1つのWhanau GroupにYear7からYear13の生徒がいます。彼らみんなとても仲がいいです。そして、月曜日、火曜日、木曜日にWhanau Groupで朝礼を行い、水曜日、金曜日に全校生徒で朝礼を行います。日本のように土曜日に学校はありません。そして、クラスルームもありません。毎日5限までで、1つの授業は1時間です。そして、2つの休み時間があります。1つ目の休み時間ではお菓子を食べ、2つ目の休み時間では昼食を食べます。多くの生徒は部活に所属していないので最後の授業が終わった後すぐに帰宅します。


My school is Marist College. Term 1 started on February 1,2019. My school is separated into four houses like in Harry Potter. These houses’ names are Champagnat, Chanel, Chavoin, and Colin. My house is Colin. The house color is green. And we are divided into several groups in this house. These groups are called Whanau Group. Whanau means “family” in Maori language. Year 7 to year 13 students belong to Whanau Group. They are on very good terms. We do morning assembly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in our own group. And on Wednesday and Friday we do morning assembly with all students. We don’t have school on Saturday like in Japan. And we don’t have homeroom classroom. One lesson is one hour. We have five classes every day, and two break time. We always eat snacks in BREAK 1 and have lunch in BREAK 2. Most student don’t belong to club activities, so we return home soon after we finish the last class.



February 11 was Athletics Day. It was a very hot day. It is like a sports festival in Japan. But it doesn’t have team sports. All competitions are individual games. We wear our own house color clothes. International students and year 13’s students wore T shirts designed by year 13’s student. The T shirts has the word Colin printed on the back. It is so good. The clothes of other students were very unique. So cool! In the competition we could choose from two departments. The first one is just for fun. You compete in the second one. We joined just for fun. I did the long jump, high jump, shot put, and running. Most students are not serious because it is just for fun. How to run when running was free. Some students were skipping. It was different from the sports festival in Japan but I enjoyed it with friends!


I will cherish the rest of the time and learn many things. I will make more new friends. Then I will buy a lot of souvenirs and return to Japan with a smile. Of course, I should have grown up.
Thank you for reading my report :D