【留学便り】イギリス留学レポート from 藤本さん

20190128イギリス留学藤本さん①_Playing with trampoline
Playing with trampoline

ごきげんよう。 皆さんお元気ですか?

Hello, how are you?
I arrived at the U.K. on Jan. 4th, and about two weeks have passed.
Everything is exciting and I lead a full life!

I experienced the first homestay for three days from the day when I arrived at the Heathrow Airport.
My host family gave me a hearty welcome, so my tension was relieved. My host father and mother are a music teacher, and they have various instruments, such as a piano and guitar. Also, after diner we sang songs with the host mother’s piano. Everyone loves music and the house is always full of music.
There are three boys who are playing every day with trampoline. They are full of vigor and I hear boy’s voices with energy all the time. I would like to play the UK nursery rhymes with them.
I think the people in the city are friendly and gentle. I was glad when a British girl I met at the cafe spoke to me in Japanese.


20190128イギリス留学藤本さん②_Westonbirt School
Westonbirt School

Westonbirt Schoolでは、Badmintonという寮に1月7日に入寮しました。4人のルームメイトがいて、イギリス人、アイルランド人、日本とケニアのハーフの子がいます。4人とも気さくに声をかけてくれます。日本とケニアのハーフのオードリーさんが私のバディをしてくれて毎日助けられています。様々なルーツを持つ4人のルームメイトやクラスメート達から新しい考え方や価値観に触れる事で、私の留学の目標である「多角的に物事を考える力を身につけること」が出来ると感じています。授業形態は大妻多摩と同じで月曜日~土曜日ですが、授業時間は70分と少し長いです。ただ、11時のBreakと4時のTea timeにホットチョコレートやクッキーなどが用意されて、疲れた頭にエネルギー補給できるので、授業を集中して受けることが出来ます。

At Westonbirt School, I started staying in a dormitory, called Badminton on Jan. 7th. There are 4 roommates, including a British, an Irish, a girl who is half Kenyan and half Japanese. They speak to me friendly. By touching new ideas and sense of values from various roots of four roommates and classmates, I feel that I will be able to achieve my goal of my study abroad; “To acquire the ability to think things multilaterally.” We have classes from Monday to Saturday, the same as Otsuma Tama, but the lesson lasts 70 minutes, which is a bit longer. However, hot chocolate and cookies are prepared at 11 o’clock break and 4 o’clock Tea time, so I can charge energy for my brain and I can concentrate on lessons.

私は必修科目の他に、Music Lesson, Art, Cooking, ELT, Textilesを取りました。 Musicの授業ではコンピューターのプログラムを使って作曲、Artの授業では自分が刺激を受けた作品の模写など、想像力や表現力を高める授業が多いと感じました。また、土曜日のDramaの授業ではスピーチの仕方や姿勢、声の出し方を学びました。授業の後半では、世界的に有名なWinston ChurchillやMartin Luther King Jr.などのスピーチを読み、最後にステージで発表を行いました。英語でのスピーチはとても難しく、暗記するのに苦労しました。しかし、英語の正しい発音の仕方やクラスメイトの発表を見てたくさん学ぶことがあり、留学の目標である「高い英語力を身につけること」に直結すると感じています。授業のほとんどが参加型で、生徒達が積極的に質問をし、意見を述べているので、私も自分の意見をはっきりと伝えられるように頑張りたいと思います。
Westonbirt Schoolはキリスト教の学校なので、毎週月曜日、金曜日の朝に教会に行き、火曜日と、木曜日の夕食前に賛美歌を歌いお祈りをします。とても美しい旋律で毎回楽しみになりました。
In addition to compulsory subjects, I took classes of Music, Art, Cooking, ELT, Textiles. I felt that there are many classes to raise imagination and expressiveness, such as to make my new song with using computers in Music classes, and replication of works inspired by Art in Art classes. Also, in Drama class on Saturday, I learned how to make a speech with good attitude and utterance. In the second half of the class, I read a speech such as world-famous Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. Speech in English was very difficult for me, and I had a hard time to memorize. But I have learned a lot of English skills, such as right pronunciation, expressive and etc. By classmate presentation, I am convinced that it is directly connected to my goal. Most of the classes are participatory, and classmates ask question positively and express their opinions, so I also would like to try my best to convey my opinion clearly.
Westonbirt School is a Christian school, so I go to church every Monday and Friday morning, and also sing hymns and pray before Tuesday and Thursday dinner. I am looking forward to it every time with a very beautiful melody.


The Roman Baths

Bathはイギリスの中でも古い街で、中でもThe Roman Bathは1880年に発見された遺跡で、「テルマエロマエ」の映画に出てくるような温泉でした。2日間ともオードリーさんが一緒に回ってくれて、とても楽しい週末を過ごすことができました。
On Jan. 12th, I went shopping in the city called Cribbs near our school, and on Jan. 13th, I went to Bath, which is about 40minutes by bus.
We can join the trip during weekend.
Bath is an old city in the UK. The Roman Bath was remains discovered in 1880, and we can see a hot spring that appears like in the movie ” Thermae Romae”. I was able to spend a very happy weekend with Audrey’s assistance.
From now on I have a lot of opportunities to go to various places on weekends, so I would like to enjoy England!

I am grateful that many people will support my study abroad, and I would like to cherish various encounters for three months.