Hamilton Girl’s High School


Hello! I’m Yukiho Morita. I’m going to study abroad from January 19th to March 30th in New Zealand. I want to lean real English. I think I can’t learn it in classes in Japan. To make the most of this opportunity, I will do anything I can not to regret during studying abroad. For that I make many friends and teach culture and a lot of things to each other. I can’t speak English well, so I will try to talk with various people every day. I want to change to a positive person because I’m a negative person. I’m looking forward to making new friends and seeing different cultures. I want to mature mentally too.



Hello! I’m Haruka Yamaguchi. I’m going to study in New Zealand over 70 days. I’m interested in foreign countries’ culture, so I want to learn about Maori culture. Also I’m interested in working holiday system, so I want to know about it and hear the opinions of many people about it. I have one problem. I get very nervous when I speak English. But I want to make many friends at school there. For that, I will talk actively with friends, and I want to make many friends in 70 days. I’m looking forward to going to New Zealand and meeting my host family and Hamilton Girl’s High School students. I’m sure I will be more mature than now when I come back to Japan!!


Marist College


Hello! I’m Yuki Onitsuka. I’m going to go to study abroad from January 19th to March 30th in New Zealand. This is my first time to study abroad and to stay at two families, so I feel a little nervous now, but I’m also excited. New Zealand is famous for nature and delicious food, so I’d like to feel its nature which I cannot experience in Japan and eat a lot of delicious foods! Also I’m interested in international issues like discrimination against women, so I’ll discuss international problems with my host families and my new friends in New Zealand! When I return to Japan, I want to tell the things that I learned to my family and friends in Japan.


Hello. I’m Tamaki Kodaira. I’m going to study abroad from January 19th to March 30th in New Zealand. I want to make new friends. I will talk to many people every day. I want to share opinions about cultural differences. I can’t talk about Japanese religion or governmental issues yet, but I may be able to tell all my feelings. I think I’ll become nervous or unhappy at times. But I will never give up and try anything. I want to build good relationship with my host family, coordinator and my new friends. I don’t want to waste this opportunity. And I want to thank my parents. I want to come back smiling!


Sacred Hearts Girls’ College

Hello.My name is Futaba Usuyama.I will go to New Zealand from next January.I am very interested in the culture which is different from Japan.For example,I think I will know about local school life style or local eating style.When I know different cultures,I want to accept this.After studying abroad,I want to tell these things to my Japanese friends and family. I want to communicate with many people while studying abroad.When I am in Japan,I am a little shy.So,I am not good at telling my opinions. And I cannot do things without the help of my mother.So,I decided to study abroad.I want to become strong through this stay.I will never give up even when I face various troubles.Now,I feel a little anxious.However,I want to enjoy and experience a lot of things.Finally, I want to thank my parents and my teachers.


Hello! I’m Ema Ota. I’m going to study abroad from January 19th to March 30th in New Zealand. Now, I’m looking forward to staying there. But, I am getting nervous.
I am interested in nature. So, I want to see sheep there, because I have heard that there are a lot of them there. I was surprised to know that the number of sheep is larger than the population in New Zealand. And I would like to feel fresh air in New Zealand.
When I come back to Japan, I want to be a strong person who can say my opinion. At school in New Zealand, if I am shy all the time, I won’t be able to say my opinion. So, I want to try anything without being afraid of making mistakes. I promise you I will grow up.

私は日本に帰ってきて、自分の意見を言える強い女性になってきます。失敗を恐れず、何事にも挑戦していこうと思います。日本でみなさんに会うとき、 私は成長して帰ってくることを約束します!

Whangarei Girls’ High School

Hello. I am Chie Sakurai. I am going to study abroad from January 20th to March 30th in New Zealand. I have never been abroad, so I am excited. I want to experience cultural differences and different school life. I will try to talk with many people. I am good at folding origami, so I want to fold it with my host family and friends! I will report my life in New Zealand so please have a look!


Hello! I’m Ayaka Matsumoto. I’m going to study abroad from January 19th to March 30th in New Zealand. I lived in Spain for three years when I was a child. So, I have not been abroad for ten years. In New Zealand I want to make many friends and talk about each other’s cultures. I don’t speak English well but I’ll try to speak to my classmates and host family. I’m also interested in architecture, so I want to see buildings and streets and houses. Through going abroad, I want to become independent.