【留学便り】オーストラリア留学レポート③ from 堀川さん


Hello! It’s becoming autumn in Australia. My host family was changed again the other day and I have only 3 weeks left here. When I have to say Goodbye to my host family, it’s very sad because they take care of me thoroughly for 3 weeks. I’ll write about living with my host families so far and school life in detail this time.



I spent a comfortable time every day because my host families were very kind to me. They took me various places in Brisbane on the weekends. Gold coast is one of the big tourist spot where is crowded with tourists every weekend. It has not only the beach but also 3 shopping malls and 4 amusement parks. I went to the beach, one of the shopping malls and Sea world, which is a combined aquarium and amusement park, so far. The horizon at the beach was so beautiful. My host sister and I made a sand castle and garden after we played in the sea. In Sea world, I saw Australian sea creatures which I can’t see in Japan. I was surprised by the Shovel Nose Sharks and the pelicans the most. The pelicans looked like statues because they were big and still. They made me a little scared.


日本では学校にお菓子を持っていったら怒られるあるいは先生に没収されることが多いと思いますが、Brigidine Collegeではそんなことはありません。モーニングティータイムがあるため学校にお菓子を持ってくるのはごく当たり前で、むしろバレンタインなどの記念日では先生から生徒にカップケーキや飴を配るほどです。この前の2月19日はFOLEYの記念日で、FOLEYハウスの皆がランチタイムに小さなイベントを開催しました。提供の仕方はホームルームクラスごとに様々です。私のクラスはアイスクリームを売り、別のクラスの一つはFOLEYカラーのコスチュームを着て写真を撮るという企画をやっていました。他にもイースターやパンケーキの日など、お祝い事ではお菓子やイベントでその日の学校が楽しい雰囲気になります。

I think most Japanese school are not allowed to bring sweets or snacks. But in Brigidine College, most students bring sweets and snacks because we have morning tea time. Rather some teachers give sweets to us on every celebration day like Valentine’s day. The other day on 19th of February, was the FOLEY celebration day and we hosted a small event at lunch time. The style of the event was different by each homeroom. My homeroom class sold some ice creams and another class offered to take a picture wearing pink costumes. There is a feeling of excitement at the school with sweets and events on the celebration day like Easter and Pancake day as well.

学校の授業は数学で三角法、英語では記事の読解、社会では東南アジアの自然破壊、理科では化学反応、宗教では聖書を読んでいます。また週に1回のwellbeing という道徳の授業では、日常生活について皆で話し合い、先生と生徒で意見交換します。私が宗教以外に難しいと感じるのは英語と社会です。両方とも難しい単語が沢山出てくるため辞書は必須で、友達にも聞きながら何とか授業についていきます。日本で現代文を習うように英語では難しい文章を読解し、社会ではグラフや記事、動画をもとに因果を考えながら素早く自分の意見を書き込まなければいけません。地理の授業というと、様々な地名や農作物を習う光景を思い浮かべますが、こちらは一つの事柄を深く掘り下げて皆で考えるような内容で、日本とは違った面白さを感じました。
一方選択科目のダンスではこの前ワークショップがあり、プロのダンサーから振り付けを教わりました。この授業にバディはいないので自力で友達を作らなければなりません。友達0からのスタートだったので、初めは私にとってBrididineで最も厳しいと感じる授業でした。しかしワークショップを通じて皆がお互いのダンスを沢山褒め合っているのに気づき、私も実践してみたら今まで話さなかった友達とも何人か繋がることが出来ました。そして、前回の授業では先生にビデオを撮られながら皆の前で一人か二人で踊る、ということをしました。少し緊張しましたが一人でチャレンジしてみたら ’It was so good!’ という言葉とともに皆が大きな拍手をくれてとてもとても嬉しかったです! 自分の好きな分野で友達の輪が広がったことと外国人の前で一人で踊る勇気が経験できて、踊り終わった後はダンスの授業を選択して良かったと心から思いました。

We learn trigonometry, how to analyse English articles, deforestation, chemical reaction and the bible now. We have also ‘Wellbeing’ which is a class we consider and talk about school life in a week. English and Geography are the hardest subjects I’m learning now. Both are very difficult because a lot of vocabulary which I don’t know are in their content. So, I was always helped by my friends to catch up what they were doing. In English class, we have to read and answer the questions to difficult sentences like we learn Japanese. In Geography class, we have to type quickly considering the causality from graphs, articles and videos. I think we learn about various place names and crops in the class in Japan, but we pursue one thing deeply and thinking with everyone here. I think this style is also interesting.
In dance class, we had a workshop which we were taught from a professional dancer. I had to make friends by myself in this class because my buddy didn’t choose it. It was so hard for me because I couldn’t make friends with some students, I couldn’t even talk to some of them. I was a little worried about that. However, I noticed they were often praising each other’s dances through the workshop. When I tried that, I could make friends with some of them! Each person danced in front of everyone in the previous class. Although I was a little nervous, I was so happy because they clapped and cheered ‘It was so good!’ after I danced. I felt my choice was correct because I could make friends through dance and Iit was a great experience that helped to give me more confident in a foreign country.

本当に時間が経つのが速く感じるので残りの期間も存分に楽しもうと思います! 最後のレポートではこれまでのホストファミリーとの生活も沢山書こうと思います。お楽しみに。

I definitely would like to enjoy myself the next 3 weeks as I felt the time has passed so quickly. I’ll write a lot about living with my host family so far in my last report. See you then!