【留学便り】イギリス留学レポート① from 藤江さん


20180124イギリス留学レポート① 藤江さん①

Westonbirt School


私は複数ある寮のうちDorchesterという寮に入ったのですが、寮長のMs.Gouldやルームメイトはとても優しく、英語の拙い私にたくさん話しかけてくれました。Westonbirt Schoolにはたくさんの留学生が来ており、私のルームメイトもメキシコ人と中国人の子がいて、常にお互いに多文化を学びあうことができます。寮の食事にもメキシコ料理などが出てきたことがありました。


Hi, everyone. How are you? We had had cold days for one week, but it was a fine day some time ago and we got a blue sky! It’s already been 2 weeks since I arrived in the UK.  And then, I stayed in the house of my host family for 2 days. They were nicer than I had expected. So, I could start feeling comfortable and relaxed.

In the first week, it was very hard for me to get used to the British life style and quick conversation with my friends. However, I could begin to hear English better. And I was able to get a chance to have a fun conversation, so I’m very happy!

I entered Dorchester housedormitoryout of some houses and Ms.Gould, who is the housemistress, and my friends are very kind!! They spoke to me a lot times. Westonbirt School has many overseas students(my dormroomhas Mexican and Chinese students), so we can learn each other’s cultures every time. I have had Mexican foods in my house.


20180124イギリス留学レポート① 藤江さん②

Fox hunting

さて、今回は学校の生活スタイルについて紹介しようと思います。この学校にはチューターというクラスのような制度があり、1チューター10人前後でできています。授業は170分で、日本と比べると長い時間ですが、思ったよりずいぶん短い時間に感じられました。授業によっては課外授業などもあるようです。また、なんと1日に2BreakTeaという休憩があるんです。そこでは、お茶やお菓子を食べることができます。さらに、休日にはしばしばFox hunting という伝統行事や、School tripという行事もあり、行きたい人はシネマやアウトレットなどに行くことができます。先日私もシネマに行き、友達とともに「The Greatest Showman」という映画を見てきました。

そして、この学校ではActivity(部活のようなもの)をすることができ、自分のやりたいレッスンを受けることができます(なければ先生が探してくれます)。種類は様々で、ラクロス、ヨガ、ダンス、スイミングや楽器のレッスンも受けられます。私も、Riding horseのレッスンを受けています。日本ではなかなか体験できないことなので、すべてが新鮮で興味深いです。


Well, I’ll introduce the life style in this school. This school has a system called the tutor and there are about 10 students to 1 tutor.

A class has 70 minutes and this time is longer than in Japan. But I felt it shorter than I had expected because it was so rich that I forgot the time. Most classes has activities outside. Also we have a Break and Tea time, in which we can drink and eat sweets, fruits and things like that. So, I may become overweight. In addition, we often hold events called Fox hunting, which is a traditional event and School trip and we can go to cinema, outlet, or somewhere else… if we want to go. The other day, I went to watch The Greatest Showman, which is a musical movie, with my friends. It was so funny!

And we can participate in an “activity”, which is like a club in this school, and take lessons which we want to do. There are many kinds of activities including Lacrosse, Yoga, Dance, Swimming and Learning musical instruments. I have a lesson of Riding horse. It is difficult for me to get experience like this. So, all is fresh and is interesting.



There are many times when I am frustrated because I cannot tell things that I want to say. But I will make an effort and improve my English ability every day. Please read my next report if you have the chance. See you!